This past spring semester I took a Bible course called “Gospel of John.” In it, we read the Gospel of John. Brilliant.

I was taking the course for three credit hours instead of two, so I had two extra projects I had to complete, one of which was a term paper. My professor, Ross Cochran, learned I’m an English major and proceeded to present the possibility of tweaking my third-hour project. He said I didn’t have to write a term paper if I didn’t want to, but I told him I didn’t mind, seeing how I’m used to them. He then said, “Well, I know…but I figure we could give you something different, something more interesting based on what you really enjoy doing.” And from that conversation this project was born. Eleven articles for a blog that all have the same requirements: 1) they’re spurred by something from John’s gospel, 2) they take that and apply it to our lives today, and 3) try to get some solid discussion going.

Obviously that last stipulation is mainly dependent on the reader, so I’ve tried my best to write something thought-provoking in the few words I was allotted each blog post. But if you are going to comment, you should know something: this blog does not function as a soapbox. Not for me…not for you. The internet is already rife with people straying from that beautiful art which is respectful dialogue. Heaven forbid that these discussions would only make that problem worse. Ergo, I will moderate all comments. Now, you can disagree with what I write and have something strongly-worded while still maintaining an overall sense of tactfulness. I trust you will find a way to do that, if you so choose. But if your response is downright nasty, I can assure you it will never see the light of day. In case you are wondering, you do not need a WordPress account to comment on this blog.

I will have a post once a week, starting this Friday, July 17th (so come back tomorrow). Consider it a way to kick off your weekend. If you like what you see here, tell your friends. If you don’t like what you see, tell them anyway.

Much love.

  1. Cindy Pardue said:

    Okay, I’ll bite. I am intrigued by this whole thing- I have never read, or participated in a blog- but I love to talk, discuss and banter back and forth, so I am thinking that this is what this is, just in a different form. I am assuming there will be some type of ‘prompt’ and then it takes off?
    Maybe you need to offer some remedial blog start up
    advice for people like me.
    This should be fun- thanks for including me in the project.

    • Nelson Shake said:

      Hmmm…blog start up advice? Well, it’s pretty simple. If you have some sort of response to what I write, by all means…share it. Or, you can read comments after an article and respond to those. Either one works. A comment can be a thought in addition to my own, an agreement with your perspective added, or a disagreement with your reasons why you occupy a different viewpoint. Either way, it’s pretty laidback. Just a conversation gone digital.

  2. Ryan said:

    Bring it!!!

  3. S.DuBose said:

    What a great idea and fun assignment. I look forward to participating!

  4. Eileen Chapman said:

    How fun. I am looking forward to your blog. The interaction should be stimulating. What a nice prof to give you a creative outlet.

  5. Ron Mallonee said:

    OK….. but remember you asked:)

  6. I think this is a fabulous idea.
    Fair warning… blogging can be addictive. I have bouts where I am REALLY into it and then go weeks… and weeks gathering cobwebs on my site.
    I am glad to help and look forward to everyone’s comments =)

  7. d.burrows said:

    Knowing you and having had several long and intriguing conversations about subjects akin to this, I look forward to reading your thoughts on some of the things John deals with and the way he approaches the Gospel story. Good luck, my brother.

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