The Stigma of Broccoli

The Harding University cafeteria is on a roll. I had my second interesting encounter in a row while grabbing lunch today. I went to this baked potato line because I saw they had broccoli, which just happens to be my favorite vegetable. I didn’t want a potato slopped in butter or any other fixin’ to go with it. Just broccoli.

There was a shorter (and stockier) woman in front of me who ravenously accepted a baked potato. While she was still getting everything set up on her plate, I went ahead and asked the cafeteria lady for “just some broccoli.” She repeated my statement back to me in the form of the question to make sure she heard me right, and when she did this the shorter lady looked up at me from her baked potato and went, “Hmph . . . healthy!” This was said with a distinct note of disdain in her voice. I almost burst out laughing because I did not expect to be ridiculed for my health-conscious choice, but I stifled it and just smiled at her and said, “Yep!” And that was it.

Who knew you could ever be mocked and looked down upon for making choices that enhance your quality of life? This place is so interesting.

Much love.


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