Sometimes It’s Okay to Lie and Haikus

So I went to Target the other day. I had a gift card and thought it’d be a good idea to use it since I had a free afternoon. And I definitely had no doubt whatsoever as to what I was going to purchase with this plastic ticket to free merchandise. I got the Disney film The Princess and the Frog on DVD, the book The Hunger Games, and a box of crayons. And I also most definitely told the cashier when he gave me an ever-so-slight—yet very discernible—odd look, “They’re for my niece. It’s her birthday tomorrow.” Sometimes it’s okay to lie.

Funny part is, that was actually the second time I’ve used that excuse when given a weird look at the checkout line while purchasing a “princess” movie. The first time the guy responded with some relief, saying, “Okay, ‘cause I was gonna say . . .” And both times, I’ve left the store feeling swell that I pulled a fast one over the cashier. Point to Team Nelson. And so in my victory I shall draw and color a picture inspired from this adolescent novel while ambient Disney noise plays from my laptop.

And I like how in these delightful little experiences in life, you can find something to write about, and I don’t mean just a blog post. Actually, there is poetry in it. Insert segue to haikus.

My dear friend Kevin Cherry got me hooked on doing something he did back in high school: write a haiku a day. It may sound weird to say this, but it is so liberating. The poems themselves can be about anything, I suppose, but mine typically spring out of experiences I’ve had while out and about. And so, let me share with you the haiku from a few days ago:

fair petty princess
now on video released
don’t make fun of me

Is it good? I don’t know. I’m no haiku expert. But it’s fun. And I’m also convinced that even the greatest haiku writers in the world are not immune to having to count out five, seven, five on their fingers. They just have to.

Much love.


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