The Continuing Degradation of the Flood in Nashville

Please read this. It’s about the Nashville flood. I’m not usually one to publish a post back-to-back days, but this is not your everyday topic, either. As some of you know, I moved to Nashville back in May just one week after the flood hit. Since then I’ve started writing stories for a local nonprofit called Hope Force International. They’ve been heavily involved with the flood recovery efforts here and have also had a considerable presence in the Haitian community of Sous Savanne ever since the earthquake nearly a year ago.

Last week I interviewed a girl from New Jersey who had been in Nashville the first two weeks of November to help with the flood recovery. Prior to speaking with her I was interested in—and, quite frankly, clueless as to—how much relief effort was still needed. It’s not like Nashville has had highly publicized post-Katrina-esque debacles with FEMA botching everything up; nothing of the sort has been reported, so I’ve just assumed the devastation, though vast, was slowly but surely being taken care of.

But then I interviewed Laura. Things are still very bad here . . . extremely abysmal. And it’s been seven months. I won’t try to draw comparisons to Katrina, but the amount of neglect people have experienced here inevitably brings New Orleans to mind. You can read the article written from my interview with her at Hope Force’s website. I share it not to give you something you’ll read and then walk away from, but rather, to disseminate such information so you’ll consider doing what you can.

Many of you, I realize, do not live in this area, but some of you do. For the former, Hope Force always needs financial support; they are one of several organizations continually doing their part to try and find people who are still sitting in their sodden homes, families who have given up on the dim hope that anyone still cares about them and is willing to help them. Being actively involved with Hope Force as a reservist is also always an option, and they have information on their website about how you can do that. I hope you take time to read the article.

Much love.


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