Finding Time

I like to think I’ll still have time to write here once graduate school starts. I tell myself I’ll make time for it, that it’ll be a sort of escape from academia, and other things akin to that, but if I’m completely honest with myself I could see this site getting the short end of the stick before too long. But I hope that doesn’t happen because I know there will be things to write about soon, especially in this upcoming year. I say this because of current events in our nation as well as different goals I have.

First off, current events. Obviously there’s an election coming up a little more than a year from now, so there’s plenty of politicking that’s been going even for the last year. While I’m not sure I’m going to vote (which I wrote about earlier), I’ll still pay attention to candidates. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t care too much about politics, so articles here on such a topic won’t be too numerous. But they will happen from time to time.

Second, I can see writing material coming from a goal of mine for this two-year stretch of graduate school: dive into Scripture like never before. That may be very ambitious and slightly ridiculous since my area of study is English. It’s not like I won’t already be reading quite a bit (understatement), so aiming to dig into the Bible like never before may be a hefty hope. Plus I have an assistantship in addition to my full-time class load, so even free time is at a minimum. But if there is one thing my year in Nashville impressed upon me, it’s the necessity of bathing your life in the living Word.

Sometimes that makes the non-Christian crowd uncomfortable and causes them to believe anyone doing that must have a neo-Con, Tea Party, militant agenda behind their actions. Sure, some people do, but that’s not me. My goal is that, by immersing myself in God’s Word like never before, I will fall even more in love with Jesus, thereby hopefully starting a ripple effect out from me and to the world around. If such an “agenda” makes some people uncomfortable, I would encourage them to read the Gospels, take a gander at Christ, and then get back to me on whether or not they think falling in love with Jesus is a bad thing to do. I’d be interested to hear their answers. My goal is a simple premise, but will be painstaking in its study. I hope to start with the book of James, and I see this blog as a good place to sort out thoughts.

All in all, I still feel the need to write here every now and then, even though I’ve been doing this for longer than two years. Yes, I pay attention to whether or not my blog is being visited. Yes, I shamelessly admit I searched myself on Facebook and have seen a couple of times that multiple people are sharing links to blog articles so their friends can read it. Because of the way Facebook search is, I can’t see exactly who is sharing my blog, but apparently they’re out there. So someone’s reading it, finding it useful, or finding it comical to where they think others should look at it. Either way, people are reading, even if readership has come back down from the stratosphere that was March.

So we’ll see what happens. Classes start a week from today. It will be a storm, I know, but maybe a perfect one at that. Perhaps a squall with just enough periods of calm to where I can pound out a few words and throw them up here. Here’s hoping.

Much love.

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  1. Zach said:

    I am pleased to hear that school is just around the corner for you and know you will find yourself a worthy match for the tasks to come. I was praying today and asked G-d to help me in my study of James and here find I will have a companion. I will be sharing my study with the youth of our church, so I will be thankful to harvest alongside of you in the field of James. G-d’s blessing on you in the coming adventure and peace in abundance.

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