And There’s a Light in This Tunnel

The semester is almost over. One down out of four. It has been both hell and heaven in a hand basket of the ricketiest wicker that has bent and cracked to the point it seemed it would break while still being plenty strong enough to handle what has and will continue to come because everything gets done and it always does.

It always does.

And I know I have not written here much in the past four months, but that appears to be the mode of life I am in. Thankfully, I get five weeks off for the holidays during which I plan to write here plenteously. Until then, though, I have final exams to wade through. So I will leave you with this thought for now:

It is a great time to be alive.

Much love.

[Postscript]: This is the 100th entry on this blog. I put no stock in “accomplishments” like that. I simply mention it to say that, if you’ve been reading since the start, I cannot thank you enough.


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