In case you were unaware, Oprah Winfrey went to India recently. Naturally, she decided to film it and make it into a television special. However, reviews—specifically Indian ones—are not so kind. The vehement backlash seems targeted at the fact that Oprah’s special seems to do nothing more than present a typical Westernized vision of India, one rife with stereotypes in that hackneyed move by the global West to Orientalize* that which is not familiar—the East. You can read a short report of this on the BBC’s website. Read More


I went to catch a movie with my family recently, and the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film preceded our picture. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it at the end of this post, which I encourage you to do so, for it looks phenomenal. A portion of the trailer involving a game at a football stadium brought to surface thoughts that have been dormant in my mind but never vocalized. I realize, therefore, that I’m probably extremely late and unoriginal in writing down the fleshing out of these thoughts, but I write them nevertheless—the realization and appreciation for how our concept of villainy or what constitutes a “crooked criminal” has been drastically altered by technology. Read More

Nashville, where I recently lived, has the largest Kurdish population in the United States. Some ten thousand of them. The church I went to reaches out to these immigrants a lot to help them get settled as well as connect them so they’ll have some American acquaintances, too. A couple of my friends had gotten involved with that group and told me about a precious family they had met only a few weeks before. They said I should go with them the next time they went, to which I agreed. Turns out, though, by the time that evening found its way onto calendars this family was moving the following morning to Minnesota. So, for me, it was a simultaneous hello/goodbye party. Read More