I have a question that events and conversations over the past few years have created. I will not recount these conversations or the people involved because that would take more time than I want to spend, nor do I think it’d be fair to the participants, either (even if I were to disguise them like I do with every story that appears here). Suffice it to say, I’ve sat back and merely observed these conversations, watching what was going on around me. I have not come to any conclusions, so I suppose you could say this post is a mental exercise to try and at least come close to placing my finger upon something firmer than I currently have in my head. What I’m searching and have formed a hypothesis for is the answer to the following question: At what point do we quantify individuals, determining there has been a certain juncture where they merit or acquire a fixed label that solidifies them for the rest of their lives? Read More


I think you have to dig to find the moments of grace in this life, get on your knees in the dirt and plunge your hands into the earth. Grace isn’t brimming on the surface like a ripe cherry or peach to pluck for your own satisfaction. It’s more like a needle hidden in a filthy, sodden haystack pummeled by torrents of rain and weighed down by blankets of choking humidity. Sometimes Christians don’t like this idea I’m putting forth, but I guess the indignation makes sense. If you go to church two or three times a week, you hear about grace so much I would think it’d get to the point where it almost becomes a given or a staple in your world. Read More