Social Justice

Today is a big day at Harding University. Past and present students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender will have their voices heard in the form of a self-published zine distributed on the religiously and politically conservative Searcy, Arkansas campus. I was going to post this at the same time the physical copies of the zine would be distributed on the campus tonight, but the publication was leaked early, so quite a few people are already aware of its existence. But whether you’re a current or former student of Harding University or don’t even know where the heck Searcy, Arkansas is, you should check this zine out. While it focuses primarily on students experiences of being closeted and marginalized gays at a religiously fundamentalistic college in the South, there are still universal themes here to which all should pay attention. Read More


I never gave away my Legos. I still have all of them. Clothes, miscellaneous action figures, and other random things would be dropped off at Goodwill when it was obvious they’d run their course in my life, but the Legos remain. And when I was leaving for college four years ago, I deconstructed all my sets, put them in separate bags with their corresponding building instruction pamphlets (very organized), and put them all in cardboard boxes and did not just write “Legos” on them with Sharpie. I made sure to write “Nelson’s Legos” so there’d be no mistake: they’re mine. Read More

This could come across as anti-American. But that’s okay. It’s after the Fourth of July.

I, in my own way, am somewhat hesitant to even try to do what I love, which is to write. Residing within me is this notion that what I want to do will only contribute to the problem at hand. If I do end up writing books aimed at examining Christianity in America and hypothesizing how to return it back to its true roots (a.k.a., Christ-focused, not Puritanical), that could very well do nothing. In other words, my life should not be filled with writing. It should be consumed with trying to live a life of integrity, and if something worth writing comes out of that, then I’ll do it. I can very well say in words that living a life of restoration is important, but if I don’t try to bring about restoration with how I live out each day, then all of this is pointless. Read More