It takes me the longest time to write stories. That’s frustrating in its own right, but what’s even more troublesome is how long it takes me to actually come up with an idea for a story. Some people would then say, “Well, perhaps writing just isn’t your thing.” This is when I should qualify my original statement. It takes me the longest time to come up with ideas for good stories (or, good by my standards). Anyone can come up with a story. But is it good? That’s an entirely different thing. Read More


Today is my birthday, and forgive me if I don’t really feel like celebrating it. I don’t really feel like being in a celebratory mood, and it has nothing to do with circumstances in my own life, but rather, situational pain in the lives of others. Yesterday, two bits of sobering news reached my ears. Read More

This post is one in a continuing series for the month of March that aims to examine the American Church’s response to homosexuals in their midst, whether they be believers, agnostics, or atheists. This month’s series was spawned by the Harding University Queer Press publishing a zine on March 2 featuring the voices and stories of past and present LGBTQ students at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, my alma mater. The zine can be downloaded in its digital entirety at

The great thing about writing is you can twist anything you want to. Sometimes it’s done for the sake of creativity, sometimes for the sake of placing heavier emphasis on a point, or sometimes it’s done purely for the fun of it. But then there are times when it has to be done out of necessity; you have to alter certain facts so as to make the true-life situation unrecognizable to those who were originally part of it. Read More