This blog is shutting down for a period—at least nine months. No, I am not pregnant and needing to devote my time to nurturing The Baby Inside of Me. Quite simply, I am about to start teaching college classes in the fall as part of my assistantship, will be getting married in December, will be writing my Masters thesis, and will be working to graduate in May. Out of all of that, there are several reasons that give rise to a necessary break from the writing of the blog. They are as follows: Read More


When traveling, always slip two or three thank-you notes into your luggage or carry-on. You never know when you will meet complete strangers who quickly become friends by selflessly showing you the humbling hospitality of kindness, compassion, and love.

Much love.

Unfortunately it appears I’m now on a month-to-month cycle of posting here, and I do not like that, but the beast that is graduate school has seemingly dictated such a rhythm must now exist. Or should it? I can’t tell if this matter of being busy is something I’ve construed or if it’s just the way graduate study naturally is. Either way, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m going to do something aside from class, work, and studying (like writing this post right now), it’ll have to occur because of a conscious decision to do so, not because it will just naturally happen. Read More