A while back (as in a few years) a friend of mine asked me what I thought about Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 13 that “love always trusts.” Conveniently, at that time I was in the middle of reading through that letter written to the church in Corinth. One thing that had struck me about the thirteenth chapter was how we usually use it in a wrong context. Two chapters before, Paul discusses unity within a group of people, focuses on the Lord’s Supper, examines different talents we each bring to a community, and then talks about love. The way he segues into chapter thirteen implies he’s still talking about community—not just two people—when writing about love. Knowing that, the poignancy of what he’s saying increases tremendously. Read More


In case you were unaware, Oprah Winfrey went to India recently. Naturally, she decided to film it and make it into a television special. However, reviews—specifically Indian ones—are not so kind. The vehement backlash seems targeted at the fact that Oprah’s special seems to do nothing more than present a typical Westernized vision of India, one rife with stereotypes in that hackneyed move by the global West to Orientalize* that which is not familiar—the East. You can read a short report of this on the BBC’s website. Read More

Since I know in the past some younger people have read my blog, I feel the parental side of me needing to put a disclaimer on this post by letting you know it has profanity in it. It’s also kind of funny, or at least I think so. It’s not pointless profanity. In fact, the profanity is the point, the locus of intrigue. While it doesn’t bother me, I realize it could bother you, and it if it does, I’m not offended in the least if you decide not to read. Also, the title of this post needs heavy emphasis placed on the numerical value. I do not claim to have women completely figured out; rather, I have picked up one new chunk of knowledge, and it has tickled me with its ironic nature. I felt the need to share. Read More